Complex structures, pressing time lines, trying conditions... over the past 15 years, V ARKS Engineers has worked through the hard realities of large scale infrastructure projects and has delivered unerringly. Our engineers apply a combination of industry best practices and battle hardened experience to diverse projects in hydro electricity, lift irrigation, dams, etc. to create unique value for our stakeholders. Our processes and methodologies are ISO 9001:2008 certified and form the basis of inspiring trust in our stakeholders.


To be the frontrunner in envisioning, planning and executing large scale infrastructure projects and help build a strong foundation for the nation to emerge as a leader in infrastructure.

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Core Values

We are actively guided by the set of Core Values in everything we do and the way we do them.

  • Respect for diverse ideas, cultures and knowledge.
  • Integrity in all our interactions within and outside the company and across all our relationships with our stakeholders.
  • Innovation in thought and action, in planning and execution, towards the best interest of our stakeholders.
  • Commitment to deliver on timelines and within budgets, while not compromising on quality at all times.
  • Transparency with customers at all times, especially with respect to the aspects that matter to them.
  • Highly motivated, qualified and experienced team.
  • Proven expertise in large scale projects.
  • Innovative approach to delivering on challenging projects.
  • Customer-focused and outcome-driven.
  • Consistency in exceeding customer expectations.
  • State-of-the-art machinery and equipment.
  • Strategic alliances with other large construction companies to deliver on complex requirements.

Commitment to Safety, Health and Environment

V ARKS believes social responsibility is an integral part of running a sustainable business. We have instituted several programs into our processes that help address the adverse effects our work can have on the people involved. Our employees are appraised on the best practices for ensuring safety and health at work. All our efforts in this direction are meant to create a sustainable resource base for long term success.